Can You Clean a Bathroom Without Aggressive Chemicals?

Triclosan, 2-butoxyethanol, chlorine, PERC, ammonia – these are just some of the many toxic ingredients you can find in standard cleaning products today. They may be very good at removing stains and killing off bacteria and microbes but they are also good at endangering your health. Their use can easily result in allergies, respiratory diseases, poisoning and even cancer. And yet, there is one room in any home that needs to be meticulously sanitised – the bathroom. Is it possible to maintain a bathroom sparkling-clean without using dangerous cleaning agents? Yes, it is! You just need a few basic, non-aggressive and rather cheap ingredients:

  • Mild soap
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

They each play an important role in making your bathroom clean and now we will take a look at how they work and how you can use their unique properties to your advantage.

Water and soap – a classic combination

You can rely on this winning combo to clean nearly all surfaces and parts of the bathroom. Many people think that these simple ingredients do not have it in them to battle bacteria and germs. In reality, they make an excellent job out of it, as long as you sanitise that part of your home regularly and add something stronger to the mix, such as vinegar, every now and then (particularly during the flu season).

The almighty vinegar

Did someone say “Vinegar?” This is one of the best (if not the best) natural cleaning products you can use. It can remove stains and mould form your tiles, clean mirrors and it can even sanitise your toilet bowl. Still, do not forget that vinegar has a high acidic percentage which is why you always need to use it in combination with water, baking soda or both.

Baking soda for stubborn stains and gunk

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is another well-known all-natural superhero when it comes to bathroom cleaning… or cleaning in general. Its main superpowers include unclogging sinks and drains, cleaning grout, removing shower gunk, eliminating stains from toilet bowls and many more. So what makes baking soda so good at cleaning? As a start, it is excellent at eliminating unpleasant smells. Instead of masking and covering them up, it absorbs them completely. Also, no stain stands a chance against it because of its texture. Still, keep in mind that sodium bicarbonate can be abrasive when it is not mixed with water or vinegar. The latter combo can do miracles. When mixed together, baking soda and vinegar lead to a chemical reaction that leaves everything perfectly clean and sanitised.

Hydrogen Peroxide every now and then

This ingredient is present in some cleaning detergents available on the market. But even on its own, it is unstoppable. However, since it is generally more robust than the other products listed in this article, you can use it only when you want to deep clean your bathroom. Combine it with water to restore the original shine of your toilet bowl or the countertops in the bathroom. If you want to leave the more serious and tedious cleaning chores to someone else, book trained domestic cleaners in London. Look for a licensed company in your area that has steam cleaning equipment because that is one of the most health and eco-friendly methods to sanitise a home.

About the author: Nathaniel Jamesson, a seasoned cleaning consultant, boasts over two decades of expertise in sustainable and efficient cleaning practices. Recognized for his innovative techniques, Nathaniel aids both commercial and residential spaces in achieving pristine environments, promoting health and elevating aesthetics.