Upholstery Cleaning in London

Best upholstery cleaning

No risk

Rest assured our cleaners know exactly what they’re doing and will take all due care when cleaning the upholstery.

Lasting results

Besides the immediate effects, we guarantee your furniture’s fabric will be protected and look new for a long time.

Restore the fabric

Once the cleaners are done your sofas and armchairs will look brand new, with no visible stains or spillages.

Efficient cleaning

Have no doubt that all the dirt and spots on the fabric will be completely removed as if never been there.

The Right Method for Your Furniture

Upholstery cleaning can be tricky because furniture comes in all shapes, sizes and materials. Don’t worry, though, because our experts are ready to face and overcome any challenge you have for them. Our upholstery cleaning service in London is personalized to fit your requirements. We don’t discriminate between furniture. Both cheap IKEA pieces and expensive leather sofas get the same level of attention, respect and professionalism from us.

Stream for Your General Upholstery Cleaning Needs

Our powerful stream cleaning equipment and methods are perfect for your everyday cleaning needs. Most modern furniture is made of synthetic materials that respond rather well to stream cleaning. One of the benefits of opting for stream for your upholstery cleaning in London is the efficiency of the process. Stains, dirt and pet hair stand no chance against the power of our equipment. The process takes very little time and because of the efficiency of the methods you won’t have to wait for days for your furniture to dry. At the same time, the materials are not in any danger from damage.

Dry Cleaning for Delicate Tasks

Do you have some expensive antique pieces you keep postponing cleaning, because you are worried about damage? The longer you wait, the harder it will become to clean them properly. And with our dry upholstery cleaning in London service you don’t have to worry at all about the condition of your expensive furniture. You will see it restored to its former glory after our vetted skillful cleaners are finished with it!

Upholstered furniture must be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep the appearance of the leather or fabrics intact. Sadly, this is easier said than done and this is why we offer our services to everybody that has upholstered furnishings but doesn’t have the time to maintain it properly. We are experience cleaning contractors with full licensing and we dare say that we are the best cleaners in the city. At this time our team is one of the most acclaimed and sought cleaning companies in London.

Safe and effective upholstery cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

We have been in the cleaning business for a very long time and we have the necessary knowledge and technical capacity to perfectly clean both leather and fabric upholstery. We are well aware that the fabrics used to manufacture furniture upholstery are quite delicate and this is why we always work with the utmost care. After all, we have been hired to clean and remove the stains from it, not to damage it furthermore.

Before we start treating the upholstery we always access the problematic areas, so that we can draft a meticulous work plan and decided which cleaning method we should use. We work in such fashion because different types of fabric require different cleaning techniques and choosing the wrong one can lead to unwanted results. We also use green cleaning solutions that don’t have any toxic or chemical ingredients. We prefer working with eco-friendly detergents because they are safe and are as efficient as traditional cleaning products.

Flexible sanitation services – seven days a week

Upholstery Spot Cleaning

We work with a flexible work schedule which always has free slots for new cleaning projects. So, even if you have just stained your upholstery and you want to have it clean immediately, don’t be timid to contact us because we will be able to answer to your call and lend you a hand.

The leading London cleaning team

Please bear in mind that to date we have never failed to complete a cleaning job with flying colours and we guarantee you that we won’t let you down. So, stop wondering whether you should contact us and simply give us a call, so that we can come and clean your soiled and dirty upholstery for you.

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