Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Our Contract with You

These Terms will become binding on you (the Client) and us (the Company) when we confirm to you that we have accepted your order for Services (Order), at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us. We will discuss your requirements with you, either by telephone or email. Once you have confirmed that you wish to go ahead with the agreed work at the agreed price, we will accept your Order by sending you a


Customers wishing to receive an over-the-phone quote need to provide accurate details on the size and scale of the job they want us to complete. Otherwise, we will need to do a second estimate.

The Company reserves the right to an advance deposit payment of £40 or up to 50% of the price of the Services. In such circumstances The Company will invoice the Client for the balance on or at any time the Company has performed the Services. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Client must pay the balance immediately upon completion of the Services before the cleaning operative leaves the Client’s premises, either by cash or debit/credit card. If the agreement is not covered or the Client is not present at the time, the Client authorises the Company to take the outstanding balance from the credit/debit card the Client used to pay their advance deposit.


Our Company accepts the following methods of payment:

Cash payment – Cash payments should be given by hand to the professionals who carries out the service upon arrival and/or after the customer has viewed the site upon completion. By making a payment to the Company, the Client AGREES that he/she is satisfied with the quality of the service/services.

Card payment – Credit and debit card payment can be done on our website though secure checkout and processing platform.

The moment the Client books us, he/she automatically agrees to pay the total cost of the services on the days of the Service the latest. In case the Client refuses to do so we may take the following actions:

  1. The Company keeps the right to take the outstanding balance from the credit/debit card the Client used to pay their advance deposit
  2. Take the matters to the court
  3. Reveal the identity of the Client publicly by stating that he/she is a Bad Debtor
  4. Inform all the necessary financial institutions in the United Kingdom of the Client’s Bad Debtor status

By booking us, you state that you have familiarised yourself with all of our Terms and Conditions.

The Company reserves the right to levy a card processing charge of 3.5% of the fees paid where you choose to pay your fees by credit card.


Clients have the right to cancel the scheduled job or to reschedule their appointment. However, they need to inform the Company about their cancellation or rescheduling request at least 2 days prior the appointment. If they do not do that, they will be required to pay a fee amounting to £40 which is not an object of refund.

If the Client wants to cancel a contract recurring cleaning service, we will expect to be notified at least 7 days before the appointment through an email or phone. The Client must provide clear details on the motivations behind this decision, as well as the exact date of the Client’s last appointment.

In case the Client fails to notify us of the cancellation within the above-mentioned time-frame, he/she will have to cover the full cost of the cleaning service.

If the Company’s scheduled service is sustained because the Client has failed to provide at least 48 hours cancellation notice or if  the Client is not able to provide access to the property at which the Services are due to take place, or the Client has not provided us with the necessary electricity and water supplies, or has provided faulty or defective equipment or insufficient cleaning materials, the Company reserves the right to retain the collected advance deposit or to charge the Client in full for the cancelled services.

If the Client’s actual room sizes differ by more than 20% or if Client’s initial requirements change during the cleaning or if cleaning of badly neglected property is required that may take up to three times longer than for cleaning a well-maintained home, the Company will discuss revised rates before work is commenced. If the Client does not accept the adjusted rate, the Company keeps the right to cancel the service and to retain the advance deposit payment.

If the Company believes that the condition of the property can pose threat to the health of its employees, it can cancel the cleaning appointment and retain the collected advance deposit.

If the Client cancels an order that the Company has already started work on, the Client will pay any costs the Company reasonably incurred in starting to fulfil the Order, and this charge will be deducted from any refund that is due, if no refund is due, then it will be invoiced to the Client. In all other circumstances if the Client wishes to cancel or change the date of any Services the Client must give the Company not less than 48 hours’ notice before the Services are due to be performed. Such cancellation notice may be given by telephone or email. Please note that the Company’s incoming emails and telephone messages are checked between the hours of 08.00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and between 09.00 and 16.00 on Saturday and Sunday, so any cancellation or change notification received during that period shall be deemed to have been received on the next working day.

In case of an accident or other unforeseen events involving our professionals, or unavailability of key personnel or key equipment/materials without which we cannot provide the services, the appointment can be cancelled or rescheduled by the Company. The Client will be promptly contacted if this happens. In such circumstances, if the Client has made any payment in advance for Services that have not been provided, the Company will refund these amounts to the Client.


Clients are expected to provide the Company’s cleaning team with access to running water and electricity within the area that needs to be cleaned. If not such provided, the service will be cancelled and a cancellation fee of £40 will be charged.

The Client has the responsibility to give access to the establishment or home at the arranged hour and day.

The Client will also have to provide our cleaners with an adequate parking space that is close to the establishment or home. Additional charges such as parking and congestion charge will be included in the invoice of the Client if such costs occur.


Our Company and all professionals employed by us have a liability insurance.

The insurance will cover any damages and accidents caused by the Company’s team only if they are reported within 1 day of the service date.

Our Company has the right not to share any business documentation that can be classified as confidential.


The Company will not accept refund claims filed more than a day after the cleaning appointment. Refunds will only be issued in the event of unexpected circumstances which would make it impossible for the cleaning team to be on site and complete the service.

If the Client does not provide a written complaint within one day after the cleaning service has been carried out, the service will be considered to have been executed in accordance with the Client’s requirements. All insurance claims are responsibly handled.

In case, the Client is not happy with the service which he/she received, he/she is required to provide the Company’s cleaning team with access to the property for a second on-site viewing and cleaning appointment.

The Client’s presence during the re-clean appointment is obligatory.

The Company is required to provide just one re-clean appointment for every cleaning job it carries out.

Our cleaners work in the utmost careful manner possible but sometimes that is not enough to prevent accidents. We try to replace all damaged items but we cannot give Clients a guarantee that they will get an exact match of their broken item.

We have the right to ask the Client to provide us with access to the property within a day after the claim has been filed in order to properly resolve the issue.

If the Company is found guilty of damaging or breaking property of the Client, we will replace the item. If that is not possible, we will cover the cost of the item. That, however, will happen only after the Client has paid the Company for the services, he/she received.


We are not legally responsible for the damages caused by individuals who are not employed by the Company even if they were on the premises cleaned by our team.

Our liability insurance does not cover valuable items such as antiques, jewellery and artwork, cash or possessions that are sentimentally valuable.

If the Client has any such possessions on the premises, he/she is advised to remove them from the property during the cleaning appointment.

The Company’s liability insurance does not cover old spills, stains and other property damages that our cleaners failed to fix through standard cleaning techniques.

The Company provides any estimates in good faith, based upon average times taken to clean homes of a similar size, but it is difficult to predict actual timings with certainty and some degree of flexibility will be required. For example, after building cleaning, event cleaning and the cleaning of badly neglected properties may take up to three times longer than for cleaning a well-maintained home on a regular basis and a revised estimate on site will be provided and/or services will be cancelled and deposit retained.

We will not respond to liability claims for shrunk carpets if the carpeting has not been properly installed.

Our team always does its best to properly clean the domestic appliances of each client. Nevertheless, if our cleaners have failed to remove the built-up grime from an appliance that has never been cleaned, we will not respond to any claims.

Defrost your freezers in time for the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, the Company’s team will not be able to clean them.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service does not come with a quality guarantee in the case when there are people or furniture pieces on the premises.

We offer a 48 guarantee for our End of Tenancy Cleaning service but these guarantee conditions are not applicable for Clients who have booked our End of Tenancy Cleaning together with a Carpet Cleaning service.

Clients should avoid putting their furniture on freshly cleaned carpets that are still wet because our liability insurance does not cover damages caused by that.

The Company’s liability insurance does not cover fabric defects that were hidden under the dirt cleaned by our team or property damages that are a result of the Client’s cleaning machines and supplies.

With the exception of our End of Tenancy Cleaning service, we are not required to clean areas which were not added to the cleaning list by the Client.

We can refuse to carry out an After Builders Cleaning if there are still ongoing construction works on the property.

General Cleaning Provisions

A detailed list of cleaning tasks should be provided by the Client before the service starts. If there have been only verbal descriptions, the Company shall not be responsible for any cleaning tasks not completed;

Unless the Client has selected to provide their own or if the service comprises steam cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, pre tenancy cleaning, after building cleaning, the Client is responsible for providing all relevant cleaning materials (such as detergents and solutions towels, dusters, cloths and gloves) and equipment (vacuum cleaner, bucket, mop, iron, ironing board, brushes and broom) in good and safe working order to allow the Company to perform the service. No specialist skills should be required for the operation of any equipment the Client provides, although clear instructions for the use of any complex equipment will be needed. If the Client does not provide any or all of the cleaning materials required, the Company may purchase the required items on the Client’s behalf. The Client will be responsible for repaying the direct costs of such cleaning materials, plus an additional service charge.

If the Client would prefer the Company to provide their own professional equipment and cleaning materials (recommended), there will be an additional charge for equipment and materials, depending on the size of your property.

One off service is charged per hour, taking into account the current condition of the premises, the number of rooms, bathrooms, showers and WCs.

Additional charges will be levied for steam cleaning, dishwashing, removing more than 5 items from cupboards for cleaning and replacement, dusting books, cleaning walls and ceilings, cleaning external spaces (such as balconies, terraces, patios and gardens). Where the Company’s fees for particular services are quoted (whether in whole or in part) on a per room basis, the Company uses national average room sizes when calculating quotations without having examined the Client’s premises.

The Company’s quotations exclude the costs of clearing any debris created by tradesmen or building work unless otherwise agreed.

The Company’s operatives will move furniture to assist the cleaning itself, provided that any items of furniture can easily and safely be moved by one person.

For steam cleaning, the Company shall provide all cleaning equipment and solutions, but the Client will be responsible for providing running water and an electricity supply which are pre-requisites for such steam cleaning.

The Company’s charges for carpet cleaning are based on national average sized rooms or on a per metre basis.

Where steam cleaning is provided, the Client will be responsible for reimbursing the Company for the London Congestion Charge (where applicable) and for any parking charges, where there is not free roadside or off-road parking at the Client’s premises. If no free or paid parking is available at or within a reasonable distance of the Client’s address, the Client will be required to provide a temporary/visitor’s parking permit for the Company to use. Please contact your local authority for further details regarding temporary/visitor’s parking permits.

If the Company needs to collect keys from or deliver keys to an address more than 500 metres from the address at which the services are to be performed, the Company reserves the right to levy an additional charge of £15.00 for each collection and a further £15 for each delivery. If the wrong keys are provided, a further charge of £15 will be levied. The Company is not responsible for any faulty keys/locks.

Venetian blinds, are not included within the Company’s standard cleaning services. Please ask additionally for an estimate.

How the Company may use the Client’s Personal Information

The Company will use the personal information the Client has provided to:

(a)        provide the Services;

(b)        process the Client’s payment for such Services; and

(c)        inform the Client about similar products or services that the Company provides, but the Client may stop receiving these at any time by contacting us.

(d)       the Client agrees that the Company may pass their personal information to credit reference agencies and that they may keep a record of any search that they do.

(e)       the Company will not give the Client’s personal data to any other third party, other than to the Company’s cleaning operatives and anyone assisting the Company in the performance of the Services.

(f)       the Company reserves the right to record all telephone conversations for training, quality control, record keeping and fraud prevention purposes.

Special Offer Conditions

The Client is not able to use more than one of our deals at the same time.

We do not offer deals for minimum charge cleaning jobs.

Some of the Company’s deals may be available only in certain parts of the city or at certain hours or days of the week. Upon sharing his/her contact details with our team, the Client also expresses his/her agreement to get messages and newsletters from the Company.