Ironing Services in London

Ironing can be stressful, annoying and highly time consuming. More so, ironing requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge or you may damage your clothes permanently. So, why don’t you play it safe and opt to take advantage of your remarkable ironing services. We are a professional cleaning company and we dare say that we are the perfect solution for all your ironing conundrums.

Professional maids and helpers


Our professional and high quality ironing services are carried out by our team of well trained and qualified housemaids, who have the needed know-how and practical skills to ensure the perfect condition of your clothes and to ensure that they are 100% crease-free. So, rest assured that your garments are in safe hands.

The quantity of your clothes, sheets or drapes won’t be an issue as we have the necessary assets to easily handle large scale projects. Even more, we have professional clothing presses that allow us to quickly and flawless iron large volumes of clothing. To date we have never failed to match the demands and expectations of our customers. We have managed to attain this amazing achievement by working hard and never being afraid of walking the extra mile if the job requires it.

Flexible schedule and convenient work time

To our knowledge we are one of the few cleaners in London that provide contract ironing services. This means that we are ready to come on a regular basis, take your clothes and iron them for you. The most common periods with which we work are listed down below:

  • Daily
  • Bi-daily
  • Week
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

If none of these periods suit your personal and professional schedule, have no worries and simply tell us about it and we promise you that we will manage to find a service period that will best accommodate your needs.

Choose Us

Very affordable

Standalone or part of the cleaning package, our ironing service is always cheap.

Book Any Day

Hire a maid to do your ironing on a weekday or during the weekend.

Flexible hours

Have your maid visit outside normal work hours for extra convenience.

Feel free to explore our company website in order to learn more about our company, sanitation services services and methods of work. Also don’t be shy to contact us if you have any questions on your mind or you simply wish to request additional information about our stain removal solutions along with your personalised free quote. You can obtain our contact details from the contacts sub-page of our website. Know that we are eagerly waiting for your call.

Our company is seated in the capital of England, London. The city is one of Europe’s largest and is home to numerous landmarks that attract people from the four corners of the world. Buckingham Palace is perhaps the most famous building in London. Originally it was known as Buckingham House and was built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. It was in 1837 that it became the official residence of the British Royal Family when Queen Victoria decided to relocate to the palace. The Palace of Westminster is another well-known London edifice. More commonly known as the Houses of Parliament, the build is located near the banks of the River Thames in close proximity to the London Eye and the Elizabeth Tower. The palace had to be rebuilt during the second half of the 19th century as a fire in 1834 destroyed the original edifice.