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  • How to behave at work or in public

    We live at a time where manners are important. Actually they have always been important throughout history but have undergone significant changes since then. Many traditions have evolved and nowadays we have new habits and rules to live by. Whether our behavior is “acceptable” or not is up to other people to say. The thing […]

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  • Oldest still working cinemas in London

    The cinematograph was presented to the world in Paris in 1895 by the Lumière brothers. Since then films have become an integral part of our world and numerous cinemas have been opened throughout the globe. This is why we decided to present to you the oldest film houses in the United Kingdom that are still […]

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  • How to clean with children in the house

    Having children is great but their presence can drastically complicate the execution of your cleaning duties. But it doesn’t have to be like that if you alter your routine and make both a practical and education task, especially for your kids. Designate a playing area Gather your children and tell them which the playing area […]

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  • Homemade Cleaning Products – a few ideas and reasons why

    If you are into the green lifestyle then the idea of making your own cleaning products to use when you are putting your home in order might be a good idea for you. The benefits of homemade cleaning products are several: First and foremost, they are much cheaper than the commercially made alternatives you can […]

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  • A Bathroom Cleaning Tutorial

    The easiest way to efficient clean your bathroom is your follow a sanitation plan. If you don’t have one, have no worries as you can use ours. Step 1: Remove the clutter Before your grab the microfiber cloths and mob, take a tour of your bathroom and clear all the items that don’t belong in […]

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  • Door Materials and How to Clean Them

    Doors may be simple looking property features but they are very important when it comes to the safety of a house or office. The main factor that determines a door’s level of security is the material from which it is made. Timber – Commonly known as solid core timber doors, these doors are made from […]

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  • A Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

    The easiest way to maintain a bathroom in a clean and tidy condition is to follow a meticulously well-drafted sanitation checklist. If you have never created a lavatory cleaning checklist before, keep reading because we have posted one that you can use as a base for yours. Your checklist must be divided into four separate […]

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  • The Pros and Cons of Five Flooring Materials

    There are many types of flooring materials and they all have their pros and cons. So if you are currently remodeling your house or place of work and you are changing the floors, keep reading because we will present to you all the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Carpet – Wall-to-wall carpets create a […]

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  • Helpful Information about the Different Types of Wallpapering

    There are numerous different types of wallpaper on the market and if you continue reading you will learn more about them. Lining paper – This type of wallpapering isn’t decorative. It is used to cover minor imperfections on the walls so that they can be properly covered with decorative wallpaper or painted. They can also […]

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  • The Cleanest Air in the World

    The past several weeks saw worrying reports about the air pollution in the big industrial cities in China. Air pollution is one of the largest problems in age and time that we live in. It has direct effect on people’s health and it causes changes to the climate on a global scale. Unfortunately, it is […]

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