The Cleanest Air in the World

The past several weeks saw worrying reports about the air pollution in the big industrial cities in China. Air pollution is one of the largest problems in age and time that we live in. It has direct effect on people’s health and it causes changes to the climate on a global scale. Unfortunately, it is not easy to tackle this issue – it is not like hiring a professional cleaning company to sanitize your home after a couple of weeks during which you have been messy. Instead of worrying too much however, let’s have a look at a list that is a bit more cheerful – the list of the countries with the cleanest air in the world (believe it or not, such are still in existence):

  • LuxemburgLuxemburg is probably the smallest country on the list. It has some of the cleanest air in the world. As reasons for this positive fact low population density, strict regulations and overall lack of polluting factors are often cited.
  • Ireland is famous for its extensive territories covered by green hills and open spaces, so there is little wonder that the country also finds itself at a leading position on the list of the cleanest countries in the world.
  • Sweden is another good example that is to be found on the territory of Europe. For decades it has been on the forefront of global technological innovations and environmental responsibility, so there is very little wonder to the fact that the Swedish pay great attention to protecting their nature and wildlife, thus easily placing in the top ten of the counties with the cleanest air in the world.
  • Moving to the opposite side of the globe, New Zealand is a place that sets the example for so many countries. It has a good economy and low population density, which mixed with the astounding nature (remember the mountain and plain shots from Lord of the Rings – they were all filmed there) guarantees that the air here is cleaner than at most places in the world.
  • It looks like the smallest members of the European Union – in terms of territory and population – rank well when it comes to cleanness. That is why Estonia is way ahead of many well developed counties. For years it was actually on first place when it came to clean air mainly due to its extensive forest reserves. Things are not going well for Estonia in recent times however, because now the county is on the fifth spot.
  • Surprisingly, there is an Asian country on the list as well. That is the island nation of Brunei, which, due to its vast mountains and forest and relatively small industrial development, is very clean.
  • Canada and Finland share the second place, for reasons already cited above.
  • The first place on the list of countries with the cleanest air in the world is occupied by Iceland. A small island with beautiful northern nature, less than half a million people population, no heavy industry – these are all the reasons for this to be a clean and undisputed fact.

About the author: Nathaniel Jamesson, a seasoned cleaning consultant, boasts over two decades of expertise in sustainable and efficient cleaning practices. Recognized for his innovative techniques, Nathaniel aids both commercial and residential spaces in achieving pristine environments, promoting health and elevating aesthetics.