How to clean polished hardwood floors

Polished hardwood floors are among the most beautiful flooring materials you can have at home. They are not only pretty to look at, but they create a cozy atmosphere that makes a house feel like a home. On a little more negative side, hardwood floors might be easy to get dirty. That is why you need to maintain them in perfect condition at all times. Cleaning polished hardwood floors isn’t complicated, but you need to know what you do.

Why Do Hardwood Floors look bad?

There are several reasons why your hardwood floors look somewhat dull. If you don’t clean them regularly, you are inviting dirt built-ups that you are just spreading around the whole surface when you are walking. Other mistakes that you might want to check if you are making include:

  • Cleaning the floors with a dirty mop. The mops that you use should be washed and cleaned after every use. Otherwise, instead of removing the dirt from the floors when mopping, you are just adding more to the pile.
  • You might be using the wrong cleaning products. Acrylic-based cleaners are bad for hardwood floors because they actually remove the polish on the top level. Make sure that you read the label of each bottle when getting your cleaning products. It should say they are designed specifically for polished hardwood floors.
  • Another possible mistake is using too much of the cleaning product. Even if you get the right brand, too much of it could be bad for your cleaning goals. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label.
  • When the polish on your hardwood floors is badly damaged due to wear and scratches, chances are you will be unable to get them to look their best, no matter how hard you clean. Inspect the surfaces on the areas you suspect have the polish too scratched. You might want to refinish your polished hardwood floors if the situation is too dire.

Other than that, maintaining your polished hardwood floors clean and shiny won’t take you more than 10-20 minutes every day. It is a small price to pay to have them looking as good as possible.

Daily Maintenance

The most important thing to do to keep your polished hardwood floors in top condition at all times is to sweep or vacuum them every day. Mopping the floors with a damp mop might also be a good idea. You can skip doing that every day unless we are talking about high-traffic areas such as the hallway, the kitchen or the living room. When you are done with the damp mop, you should run through your hardwood floors with a dry rub as well

Wipe All Spills Right Away

Even the smallest spill can leave watermarks on your hardwood floors. Don’t risk it and wipe them promptly the moment they occur. Mop the spill with a dry towel and then scrub the floors to make sure that you removed all moisture from the surface.

You should treat all spills, no matter whether we are talking about water, food or drinks right away, and not wait for your daily cleaning time to remove them.

About the author: Nathaniel Jamesson, a seasoned cleaning consultant, boasts over two decades of expertise in sustainable and efficient cleaning practices. Recognized for his innovative techniques, Nathaniel aids both commercial and residential spaces in achieving pristine environments, promoting health and elevating aesthetics.