End of Tenancy Cleaning Pimlico

Meeting your landlord’s end of tenancy cleaning requirements doesn’t have to be a costly, nerve racking ordeal as the whole process can be made much easier and more manageable by using a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, organised and provided by the local cleaning specialists from Get It Cleaned for end of tenancy cleaning Pimlico.

With decades of experience in the cleaning industry, our professional cleaners bring unmatched expertise to every end of tenancy cleaning Pimlico, ensuring your property shines and stands out.

We are a locally based, and owned cleaning company, which deals exclusively with professional post – tenancy cleaning. The fact that we deal with a single cleaning service, should prompt customers to make us their number one choice of service provider, as we approach each end of tenancy cleaning service request in Pimlico SW1V, London with undivided attention and utmost professionalism.

Budget Friendly

Get your deposit back

Our pricing plans are carefully tailored to fit the requirements of our customers in Pimlico

Thorough Cleaning

Complete top to bottom sanitation

There is no corner cutting with our SW1V, Pimlico services.

Green Services

Eco friendly and clean

Our customers health is a top priority. For that reason we use only non-intrusive cleaning solutions.

Flexible Book Dates

Schedule at your convenience

We guarantee the cleaners will be there on time to fully clean your home.

We will invest every bit of skill and effort it takes, to clean the rental property from top to bottom, to an industry standard finish, and ensure exceptional end of lease cleaning results in Pimlico which will be readily accepted by your landlord or letting agent.

By choosing our end of tenancy cleaning services, clients secure their tenancy deposit return, making the moving house process smoother and more reassuring.

Our end of tenancy cleaning is a highly comprehensive service that covers all rooms and areas of the property. Being a professional and seasoned service provider, we know that heavy duty areas of the house like the kitchen and the wet rooms will be under lots of scrutiny during the final landlord inspection, this is why our diligent and well organised Pimlico, London cleaning teams will invest extra time and effort into cleaning these to a perfect finish.

Wet Rooms Cleaning included in the End Of Tenancy service

In the wet rooms, all tiled and glass surfaces, including bathtubs, shower screens and toilet bowls will be descaled, disinfected, cleaned and then polished using professional grade cleaning products and materials. In the kitchen, all tiled and glass surfaces, including flooring will be degreased, sanitised and cleaned, the same goes for cabinetry, appliances and features like sink basins, food prep areas etc.

Additionally, our professional oven cleaning services in Pimlico ensure your kitchen appliances meet the highest standards for your end of tenancy.

The rest of the house, including high traffic zones like hallways, staircases and front door areas will be cleaned with the same efficiency and pace, in order to deliver consistent, high quality cleaning results across the property. Our expert cleaners will even go as far as cleaning hard to reach or out of sight spots which usually get missed during regular cleaning, but must be in tiptop condition for the final inspection. Moreover, our carpet cleaning services complement our tenancy cleaning services, providing a comprehensive solution that guarantees a fantastic job throughout the entire property.

As you can see, our end of tenancy cleaners in Pimlico leave nothing to chance, and ensure top quality cleaning results each time, every time. Customers in SW1V area can take advantage of punctual and convenient week round servicing, with flexible booking hours.

Opting for our cleaning company means enjoying the peace of mind that comes from working with a seasoned team known for their quality end of tenancy services in Central London. Our dedicated teams have been instrumental in transforming numerous properties around Dolphin Square, showcasing our ability to handle any cleaning task, regardless of the property’s size or condition.

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