End of Tenancy Cleaning Greenwich

Most vacating tenants find end of tenancy cleaning to be a real nuisance, especially when they have to deal with overly demanding landlords which don’t seem to be satisfied by any level of cleaning results.

If you want to save yourself all the excess hassles concerning your end of tenancy cleaning obligations and receive your rental deposit back from the landlord, then you need to be serviced by the best cleaning company around, which happens to be us – the End of Tenancy Cleaners Greenwich by Get It Cleaned.

Budget Friendly

Get your deposit back

Our pricing plans are carefully tailored to fit the requirements of our customers in Greenwich

Thorough Cleaning

Complete top to bottom sanitation

There is no corner cutting with our Greenwich services.

Green Services

Eco friendly and clean

Our customers health is a top priority. For that reason we use only non-intrusive cleaning solutions.

Flexible Book Dates

Schedule at your convenience

We guarantee the cleaners will be there on time to fully clean your home.

We know professional property cleaning inside out, and provide customers with highly efficient end of tenancy cleaning with guaranteed results. We guarantee that the entire rental property will be cleaned to an industry standard finish, from top to bottom, and the level of cleaning results we have attained will be readily accepted by your landlord. When you book your end of tenancy cleaning through us, you will receive attentive, efficient and affordable cleaning with attention to detail.

You will be serviced by diligent, well-mannered cleaners who will arrive at the address timely and commence work immediately in a structured, unobtrusive manner and ensure every square inch of the rental is perfectly clean and ready for the final landlord inspection. We will ensure immaculate hygiene in all rooms and areas, including hard to reach or out of sight areas which will also be part of the inspection. Heavy duty rooms like the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom will be under lots of scrutiny during the final inspection, we know this, and will invest every bit of skill and effort into cleaning and sanitising those in order to meet and exceed your landlord’s cleaning expectations. High traffic zones like hallways, staircases and front door areas will be subjected to the same detailed cleaning as we need to ensure consistent, high quality cleaning results across the property.

Your end of tenancy cleaning can be performed in accordance to a landlord provided cleaning checklist, if no such list was made available to you then our cleaners will devise and implement their own, and make sure the entire cleaning process is completed as required and expected. Using professional end of tenancy cleaning services organised and provided by End of Tenancy Cleaners Greenwich will make moving out less of an ordeal and give you a chance to catch a well-deserved break, in the meantime we will have the entire house perfectly cleaned.

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