Door Materials and How to Clean Them

Doors may be simple looking property features but they are very important when it comes to the safety of a house or office. The main factor that determines a door’s level of security is the material from which it is made.

  1. TimberTimber – Commonly known as solid core timber doors, these doors are made from whole pieces of wood. They are renowned for their heavy and rigid structure and are mostly used as front doors. They are soundproof which means that they can be the ideal solution if you live in a noisy area which disturbs your comfort. They are sold in different sizes and are regarded as expensive property features. Another downside is that they require a frequent cleaning routine which can be delegated to professional cleaning contractors.
  2. Aluminium – Mostly used for the construction of garbage, backdoors and balcony doors aluminium is a lightweight, strong and durable material which is much more affordable than timber. Aluminium doors are known for their insulation properties which explain why they are quite common in the northern areas of Britain. They are also extremely easy to maintain clean.
  3. Steel – Steel is the toughest material on the market and this is why it is used for the production of doors that are installed on heavily secured structures such as offices, financial institutions, bureau de change and so on. They are also used as fences and garage doors. The only downside of steel doors is that they tend to rust easily unless they are made from stainless steel which can drastically augment their price.
  4. Fibreglass – Fibreglass is a relatively new material in the world of door making. It is lightweight but highly durable. Fibreglass doors have the following qualities:
  • Water resistant
  • Soundproof
  • Heat insulation
  • Modern appearance

They are sold in various sizes and shapes, and can be used as both interior and exterior doors. Just like their timber counterparts, fiberglass doors require regular cleaning which is best done via licensed cleaning services.

  1. Glass – Glass doors are highly appreciated by interior designed due to their sophisticated appearance. They are sold in all sizes, shapes, colours and patterns but their main disadvantage is that they aren’t very secure and can be easy breached. They are also very capricious in terms of maintain as they tend to stain and get tarnished with water marks and spots easily.
  2. Stained glass – Stained glass has been used in the creation of door for centuries and even today is considered to be one of the most beautiful door building materials in the world. Despite being made of glass, they are reputed for their strength as stained glass is reinforced. By going to such doors you will undoubtedly showcase your creativity and add a unique touch to the overall curb appeal of your property.
  3. Plywood – Doors made from plywood are known to be hollow cored which makes them very fragile. It is because of this that they are usually used as internal doors. Their biggest perk is that they are very affordable.

About the author: Nathaniel Jamesson, a seasoned cleaning consultant, boasts over two decades of expertise in sustainable and efficient cleaning practices. Recognized for his innovative techniques, Nathaniel aids both commercial and residential spaces in achieving pristine environments, promoting health and elevating aesthetics.