A Useful Pre-Baby Cleaning To-Do List

Congrats! If you are reading this, chances are that you are probably expecting. Preparing for the arrival of a baby takes quite the effort but it is an important task which should never be underestimated or skipped. Why? Because when that tiny person steps into your life, your world and your daily routine will quickly turn upside-down. No matter how organised and well-prepared you are, there will be moments when you will not be able to control the situation, especially at the very beginning. For instance, you will hardly be able to find time for your hobbies, friends, yourself and even for key chores such as cleaning. The latter is something with which you cannot afford to compromise. After all, a clean home is a healthy home. So, if you want to welcome your baby to a nice, cosy, organised and germ-free house, remember to:

  • Avoid limiting your cleaning efforts only to the nursery
  • Have some items professionally sanitised
  • Make room for the new member of the family
  • Take care of the above-listed tasks now

The obvious

Many expecting parents like to borrow toys, cribs, prams and clothes from friends and relatives who have older children. There is nothing wrong about that, especially if your budget is limited. Just remember to wash and clean everything well and to do that before the baby is born. In fact, even if you choose to buy brand-new toys and clothes for your tiny bundle of joy, it is still advisable to have them thoroughly sanitised. One can never know for sure how these items have been handled and stored, right? Cleaning the nursery is also a must. If you are planning to redecorate it or pain its walls, take care of that several weeks before the due date. It is not healthy for a child (new-born or not) to sleep in a freshly painted room.

The entire house

It would be wrong to focus your cleaning efforts only on the nursery and the baby’s items and accessories. You should have the whole house meticulously sanitised. Mums-to-be, however, should avoid putting themselves through such physically-draining activities. Instead, they should use an all-around deep cleaning service in London. Just ask the cleaning technicians not to rely on any detergents that contain toxic chemicals. Hire a company that specialises in proving professional steam cleaning solutions, rather than one that uses aggressive products.

Pay special attention to carpets, rugs and furniture

If you cannot afford to have your entire home deep cleaned, at least hire pros to take care of the upholstery. Carpets, sofas, rugs, curtains and mattresses can be tricky to maintain and sanitise without specialised equipment which is why they can be a silent hotspot for bacteria, dust-mites, allergens, built-up dirt and etc.

Make room

A baby may be quite small in size but you should not forget that it will be an extra member of the family. Therefore, you will need to make some room for it by getting rid of all your unwanted, broken and unused possessions. Clear up every nook and cranny in your house – from the fridge and the living room to the attic and the garden shed. When you do that, keep in mind that the next time you will be able to do a full-blown home decluttering will not be anytime soon. So, declutter as if your life depends on it!

About the author: Nathaniel Jamesson, a seasoned cleaning consultant, boasts over two decades of expertise in sustainable and efficient cleaning practices. Recognized for his innovative techniques, Nathaniel aids both commercial and residential spaces in achieving pristine environments, promoting health and elevating aesthetics.