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  • 5 fun steps to teach your child to clean up

    Children love to play and have fun. However, when the time comes for cleaning up the mess and putting toys on their place, it is a different story. Nevertheless, it is extremely important for your child to learn to clean up the mess they have made themselves. This helps them develop sense of responsibility. Children […]

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  • A friend for a roommate

    When it’s time to move out of your parents’ house and you don’t want to live on your own, you should think about a roommate. You can share a house with a friend or an acquaintance but there is also a possibility to choose a random person. It is up to you but there are […]

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  • Natural cleaning products from your pantry

    Why would you use all those chemicals for cleaning your home when you can use homemade products like lemon or baking soda and get even better cleaning results? You will save money and time wandering the store looking for the specific product and, they are way safer for your health and your environment. Vinegar Vinegar […]

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  • Ancient History of Soap & Detergents

    They say cleanliness is next to godliness which shows the ancient origins of basic hygiene principles adopted by most people in the modern world. The first ever example of a cleaning agent so to say was water – a readily available natural resource in many early human settlements. People of the ancient world built their […]

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  • Large companies that are good friends to the environment

    There are many ways in which one can live a healthy and environmentally responsible lifestyle. On one hand, we should all strive to making sure that our homes are perfectly clean, well sanitized and healthy. On the other, we all live in a consumers society, in which we are heavily dependent on goods that are […]

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  • Effective Property Cleaning with Minimum Hassle

    Cleaning is usually a dreaded chore for most people, nevertheless cleaning needs doing and having to do it cannot be bypassed or ignored. If you do your own cleaning (aren’t using a professional property cleaning service) then chances are you have devised your own set of rules and tricks to make the process less of […]

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  • The cleaning products every household should have

    People enjoy a clean and healthy home but keeping the house in good nick is a bit tricky and requires effort and resources on a regular basis. Subjecting heavy duty areas of the house to regular cleaning is quite necessary as it keeps the rest of the place cleaner and more hygienic. Problem is that […]

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  • Dealing with flood aftermath in the basement

    There are clearly no upsides to domestic flooding. Having one’s home fall victim to flood can be a major problem with long term repercussions, especially when damage control measures haven’t been taken timely. The longer the repairs and restoration are delayed the larger number of potential problems to deal with in the long run including […]

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  • Dogs Smell and Car Interiors don’t Mix Well

    Driving around with your pooch in the car is a one of dog owner’s perks, but doggies do tend to stink out the car. Even when the animal is properly sanitised and cared for, in time the infamous ‘dog smell’ will cling to the car’s interior making journeys a tat unpleasant for human occupants of […]

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  • Smelly Washing Machine – Easy Fix Solutions

    With frequent use, some washing machines tend to develop a funny smell, which eventually leaves clothing also smelly (even though washed). When this happens, you know your washing machine needs proper cleaning. This cleaning chore you can do yourself, without investing too much time, effort and resources. A useful tip for removing unpleasant odours from […]

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