• 5 fun steps to teach your child to clean up

    Children love to play and have fun. However, when the time comes for cleaning up the mess and putting toys on their place, it is a different story. Nevertheless, it is extremely important for your child to learn to clean up the mess they have made themselves. This helps them develop sense of responsibility. Children […]

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  • A friend for a roommate

    When it’s time to move out of your parents’ house and you don’t want to live on your own, you should think about a roommate. You can share a house with a friend or an acquaintance but there is also a possibility to choose a random person. It is up to you but there are […]

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  • Ancient History of Soap & Detergents

    They say cleanliness is next to godliness which shows the ancient origins of basic hygiene principles adopted by most people in the modern world. The first ever example of a cleaning agent so to say was water – a readily available natural resource in many early human settlements. People of the ancient world built their […]

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